Deluxe Vegan Tacos! Gluten Free

Awesome vegan tacos. The “meat” is made of blended walnut and soaked almonds with tamari, a variety of spices (including cumin and smoked paprika, sea salt, powdered garlic and black pepper) and olive oil. Gluten-free corn tortillas topped with tomato from the farmers’ market, bell pepper, salad, and “cheese” sauce (from heated concoction of nutritional yeast, almond milk, garbanzo & fava flour, and spices). These were so delicious!20120718-212631



Roti Mediterranean Grill Carry Out Order Online, Rosslyn VA @rotiusa #vegan

I am amazed and impressed. America is very efficient. I choose what I want from pictures on the Internet, click whatever special options and extras that I so desire, pay with a credit card and pick it up in 10 minutes. This is amazing. I can see how anybody who is self-employed, working from home can just focus solely on working. The productivity in America has the potential to increase so much, so I’m I’m presenting here to you a salad with falafels and roasted vegetables as well as onions and olives from Roti Mediterranean Grill (includes fresh pita). And, so far so good. The food is really awesome. America is the land of convenience. Now it’s time to make the right choices. That was a lot of food for $10!



Great Sage Restaurant (#Vegan) in Washington DC Area

I went to Great Sage for lunch, and got RAW LEK SEN MEE (see photo) with warm portobello. The salad consisted of “red cabbage, cucumber, carrots, red pepper and cilantro tossed in a raw peanut sauce resting on a bed of marinated kelp noodles.” (see menu). It was actually pretty good. Also, had a hot green tea. Good; I enjoyed this very much. I really enjoyed the quality of the food ingredients, and the interior design of the restaurant. I would definitely go back




Soaking and Sprouting!

So I’ve put a bunch of stuff in filtered water. Some of it may sprout some of it may not.. I’m especially excited to see what happens with the cacao (which I bought in Costa Rica)… All in all, there is: garbanzo, quinoa, lentil, almond, goji, golden flax, and cacao!