A vegan photo blog, including raw vegan recipes and living foods. Vegan Cooking. Health-promoting, nutrient-dense, organic foods. Nutrition facts, health benefits. Vegan restaurant reviews. Natural food and lifestyle products. Blog about green juice, smoothies, detox, wellness, lovegevity, health and superfoods.

Dedicated to food and a world of adventures, musings and findings; Awesome Vegan Blog is a place for DELICIOUS and healthful food and food experiences.

Focusing on “haute cuisine” quality food, spontaneous kitchen experiments, original and reproducible recipe ideas (and fresh, local, organic, sustainable cooking and ingredients), this blog serves as a record of the experiences I have had and as a guide for the conscious food world.

This site is a bootstraped project – with most posts, videos, photos and text created and edited exclusively on iPad/mobile device.

May this website inspire you and light the way for you to create a fun and healthy lifestyle.