Eating Out

You Can Still Eat Out With Your Meat-Eating Friends

You don’t have to go to a vegan restaurant to get a good vegan meal while eating out. There is a lot of media and mainstream attention surrounding vegan foods these days. It’s a bit of a trend or a fad and many people, including chefs, are curious about vegan foods. Fundamentally, every chef knows how to cook vegetables. It’s just that some chefs are more accustomed to cooking meat than they are used to cooking vegetables. That being said, you can go to a very meat-centric restaurant (like a steakhouse) and the head chef will find it a fun, exciting challenge to cook for you a vegetable, plant-based meal.

Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

Even if 100% of your meals are not plant-based right now, from time to time it can be fun to explore vegetarian and vegan dining establishments. The chefs in these restaurants are so focused on making exclusively vegetables that you may be surprised how delicious and outstanding some vegan meals can be.

Focus on quality

Find a restaurant that sources local, organic and farm-to-table foods. You’ll be surprised at how good a salad can taste. The freshest, highest-quality dark leafy greens, salads, herbs and vegetables may remind you of the earth that we share with the plant and animal kingdoms. (We are one.)

Ask The Server

Ask the server if the restaurant has a vegan menu. If the restaurant does not have a dedicated vegan or vegetarian menu, the server may know which items on the menu are vegan. If the server does not know, it is perfectly okay to ask the server to ask the chef what items are vegan and or can be made vegan. Sometimes there may not be anything vegan on the menu, but the restaurant chef will always be able to create something innovative, creative and delicious from what foods he or she already has in the kitchen.

Eating Out Is Supposed to Be Fun

The reason we go out to eat is to share a moment with friends and family, have fun or for celebrating an occasion. Another reason for eating out is a business meeting or client meeting. In any case, restaurants are in the service industry and they aim to make the customer happy. People in general are friendly and very accommodating. Don’t make eating out as a vegan a stressful experience for yourself. Accept the lifestyle choices which you’ve made for yourself and choose something off the menu which you think you’ll enjoy.

Some of the best meals you can have (and the most nutritious) are the ones that you make for yourself at home, so don’t worry about having the highest quality meal possible when eating out. Just order something that does not disrupt the rhythm of the other diners, so that everyone has a positive memorable and fun experience.

Simple foods

If you really can’t find anything to eat on the menu, order a simple salad and ask if the chef can make you a plate of vegetables (specify with no butter). Order something light, participate in the dining experience with whomever you with, and don’t worry too much about the food. If you’re really still hungry after the meal you can find something else to eat later. Just get a salad at the restaurant and then make yourself some quinoa at home later.